Creating And Managing Online Fundraiser For Saskatoon Schools

Online Fundraising Management For Saskatchewan Community Groups

This post is a project update and overview of a fundraiser that we set up for a local Saskatoon client that is bringing gardening products to the province.

The fundraiser is due to launch this February (2017) allowing Saskatchewan Schools, Food Banks, and Community Groups of various kinds to raise money for their own causes.

  • If you are looking to set up a fundraiser for your school or community group, please contact Earth Connections Garden Centre Ltd (Earth Connections Corner) directly for more information.
  • Are you a local business looking to organize a fundraiser with your products? I can help you! Contact me here.

Creating The Fundraiser

The first thing that we did was set up a password protected sub-domain (upon request) for the fundraising website:

This site allows community groups around the province to access items which are currently only available through the fundraiser while keeping the fundraiser attached to their business website.

Online Fundraiser Management

Once community groups enter in the fundraiser password, they then have access to the entire collection of items within.

On the inside, these items are sorted as per their appropriate category or by the user via a Live Search Bar.

Users can add items to their cart which will automatically appear in the floating menu at the top of the page. It depicts how many items they have chosen along with the total cost.

Online Fundraiser Creation - Saskatoon

When ready to checkout, users simply click on the cart in the menu. They will then be redirected to the checkout page to review and update their order as necessary.

Along with entering in their personal information, they are also required to select a Unique Fundraising ID that corresponds with the particular group that they are raising money for.

This allows Earth Connections Corner to keep track of where to send the items and proceeds.

Fundraiser Checkout - Group Tracking

(sample Fundraiser ID’s are shown in the picture above)

Managing the Fundraiser

On the back end of the Fundraiser, we made it very simple to keep track of transactions. Each are stored in a central Sales Log where they can be sorted by Incomplete or Accepted Payments.

An Incomplete payment is one where the visitors reached the checkout but never purchased the items. Their personal information will be on file and Earth Connections Corner can easily call them to ask if they need help or have any questions.

All sales data can also be easily exported to an Excel (CSV) File for analysis and tracking purposes.

Fundraiser Sales Management

It is also possible to change any aspect of the fundraiser during any stage of the campaign itself.

Products and their prices can be updated, shipping and tax rates can be altered, and Fundraising Identification Codes can be added or removed as per the current school and community groups participating at any given time.

Fundrasing For Community Groups and Schools

School Fundraiser ID Code, Community Group Fundraiser ID Code

There will soon be close to 30 school and community groups across the province of Saskatchewan participating in this wonder fundraiser!


Are you looking to start a fundraiser for your school or community group? Contact to partner with them directly.

Are you a local business looking to organize a fundraiser with your products? I can help you!

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