New Lead Generation

We run lead generation campaigns for your company in a way that no one else can. We own past-client campaign data from 7 states and 2 provinces that we can use for you.

Utilize our analytical tools, extensive industry experience, and ‘to-die-for-data’ to increase your conversion rates and generate a steady flow of organics leads online.

We generate you leads via 3 main methods:

Solar Lead Generation

1. Google Adwords

Target homeowners in your service area who are ready to use your service. We import our valuable lists of negative and positive keywords – ensuring that you’re only running ads to the people who count. We’ve seen a 46% lead to appointment ratio in our campaigns.

2. Remarketing & Retargeting

From the Huffington Post to iPhone Apps to Facebook – your ads follow customers everywhere. The single most effective way to increase conversion, generate leads, and keep your brand front of mind. We deliver your company to targeted homeowners – both at home and on the go.

Solar Leads Generation

Solar Conversions & Optmization

3. Website Conversion Optimization

We use heat maps, content analytics, and individual user recordings to track your visitors. We watch where they click, how far they scroll, and what pages they visit – then use that data to make changes to your website.