About All Green Marketing

All Green Marketing Inc. is a green marketing company located in Saskatoon, Canada. We work primarily will local businesses and selected clients across North America.

Our Mission Statement

To help Green Businesses reach more people, build more connections, and make more sales – contagiously spreading their products and services that are beneficial to the planet and the people in it.


Why We’re Different

All Green Marketing is one of the few marketing companies in the world that focuses entirely on the green sector. This allows us to do work that we are passionate about, and to better serve you as a green business owner.

We believe that should work should be an extension of ourselves, so we only hire and work with people who are passionate about our mission. Your mission.

When you join forces with us, you gain a strategic partner while becoming one too. All of our experience from previous, present, and future clients contributes to your campaign, as yours does to theirs.

You’re not our first client in this industry and you won’t be the last. If you believe in what you do, then our green marketing solutions are perfect solutions for you.


Our Story

All Green Marketing grew out of the simple idea that one’s passion should also be their life’s work. We are passionate about marketing, people, and the planet. But this wasn’t always the case.

Our current mission statement is the culmination of our journey to where we are now.

Travel Blogs (2015)


(In Production)

Our first step into the world of marketing happened on June 6, 2015 when our founder (Rylan) decided to purchase his first domain. Intended to be a travel blog, he soon became more interested in the intricacies involved in generating and optimizing visitors to the website.

During the next 6 months he learned the in-and-outs of website design, content marketing, conversion optimization, and branding strategies. He also got published in CNN Travel, Though Catalog, Dumb Little Man and more for his writing and photography.

Even though the initial project never took off, he eventually co-created thetravelacademy.org and is now working on a new solo project, My Vedic Lifestyle.

Solar Marketing (2016)


On February 6th, 2016, Rylan co-founded Solar Sell Marketing with a serial entrepreneur, Neil Patel. The main focus of the business was to help solar energy companies develop lead generation techniques, consolidate marketing resources, streamline sales systems, and consult for strategic and continuous growth.

Solar Sell Marketing served as a proof of concept that we could offer serious benefits through our marketing solutions to green companies. We have since created a Canadian solar energy lead generation business called Solar Panel Power Canada.

All Green Marketing  (2017)

All Green Marketing Logo

All Green Marketing was officially launched on January 1, 2017 in an effort to bring our marketing services to more business owners while still operating within our field of passion.

Now, having reached the highest stage in our evolution – we are 100% dedicated to helping sustainable, renewable, and eco-friendly businesses reach their potential.

We welcome you to join us as we continue to accomplish this mission.

We can make your Green Business Grow.

Contact Us

All Green Marketing Inc.
124A 108 St
Saskatoon, SK
S7N 1P4

Rylan Urban, Owner & CEO
Monday-Saturday 7AM-11PM
Sunday 9AM-2PM
Toll Free: 1-800-679-0925
Local: (306) 715-7909
Email: rylan@allgreenmarketing.com